Block apps and sites that steal your attention

Fight social media addiction

Reduce screen time and improve your focus

Multiple blocking mechanisms

Completely free for most use cases

No account creation or shady VPNs

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Apps like social media use powerful psychological tricks to make you unable to stay away from them for too long. Burnout Buddy blocks these apps when you don't want to use them to help you break free and heal their impact on your mental health.

Screen Time with no snoozing

Burnout Buddy is stronger than your iPhone's native Screen Time controls. Designed specifically with social media addiction and unhealthy work habits in mind, it offers a wider variety of blocking mechanisms and allows you to be extremely specific regarding how access to a specific group of apps and websites should be restricted.

If you already use Burnout Buddy, keep an eye out for updates that add even more blocking mechanisms and customization points!

Completely private

Everything you do with Burnout Buddy is stored locally on your device. We have no idea what you have installed on your phone and wouldn't be able to know even if we wanted to. All information regarding the content installed on your phone is made anonymous by your iPhone and is accessible by Burnout Buddy only in the form of anonymous identifiers.


Don't see what you need? Send us an e-mail requesting it!

Block indefinitely

Blocks content until otherwise told to stop.

Schedule-based Blocking

Blocks content based on a schedule.

Usage-based Blocking

Blocks content when a daily usage limit is reached.

Location-based Blocking

Blocks content based on your location. (Via 'Siri' Blocking)

Focus-based Blocking

Blocks content based on your device's focus mode. (Via 'Siri' Blocking)

Siri-based Blocking

Build your own custom blocking conditions by integrating BB with Siri and the Shortcuts app!

Multiple Conditions

Configure multiple blocking conditions for a single group of content for maximum control of your habits.

Multiple Configurations

Want to block a certain group of apps under certain conditions but also another group under other conditions? No problem!

Strict Mode

Have the bad habit of "cheating" app blockers by snoozing them? Strict Mode bans you from updating/deleting schemas when they're active.

Starter Schemas

Plug-and-play configurations that cover the most common reasons people use Burnout Buddy for.


See which of your schemas are active directly on your home screen!

Custom App Icons

Personalize your home screen with an icon that better matches your style!

Custom Block Screen

Don't like BB's default block image and text? Make your own!

Push Notifications

Receive alerts when one of your schema's condition triggers and/or untriggers.

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